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Winners 2022 Register for 2023

I entered the UK Complaint Handling Awards for the first time last year and it was such a great experience: from the entry process to presenting, judging and a lovely awards ceremony, the whole process was enjoyable and an opportunity to meet so many people passionate about complaints.
Karen Findlay, Partner Manager, Complaints at Three

Celebrating Heroes Who Make Things Right

In the past year, complaint handlers have shown their true heroism.

Customers have been looking for certainty in uncertain times – and there’s been pressure on contact centres like never before. But amidst all of this, complaint handlers have done extraordinary work to resolve unprecedented issues for their customers. At Awards International, we think one thing is clear: these achievements in customer support deserve recognition!

But more than that: everyone is overdue a magical online live event that celebrates the efforts of the industry as a whole – and that’s what the UK Complaint Handling Awards is all about!

This year’s CHA will be held live online, and we’re looking forward to organise another online event. In the last year, we’ve learned so much about enhancing the digital experience. And we can’t wait to bring you that experience once again!

Across 22 categories, these awards will champion complaint handlers as they share their remarkable stories: ones of resilience, adaptation, and unity in the face of great challenges. And we’ll be celebrating these stories in a unique event format.

Companies who get shortlisted will compete at the Awards Finals – held on March 10 – where they pitch their initiatives to a panel of independent, expert judges. You can also expect to:

  • Connect with other complaint handlers using our bespoke Awards Manager software
  • Get detailed feedback from your judging panel

And then we’ll all come together again on March 17 for the Awards Ceremony. This LIVE Online event will feature:

  • An inspirational keynote speech
  • Hear from a fascinating range of speakers in Complaints Gurus talks
  • The announcement of the winners!

Explore this site to find out more!

Winners 2022

I definitely advise companies to consider entering the awards – I think it’s been a fantastic experience! We were very nervous but the whole thing has put us at ease and it’s been a really good team building exercise.
Tracey Clough, Strategic Customer Complaints Manager, Hitachi Capital

Fairest Awards

  • Every category has at least 5 judges
  • Every entry scored at least 10 times (once for the written submission, and once for the online live presentation)
  • Every entry is assessed for at least 7.5 hours
  • On the day, we’ll combine 6,000 unique scores to determine the winners in each category!

In recognition of our fairness-first approach, UKCHA has been accredited as an Ethical Awards Scheme by the Independent Awards Standards Council. Awards International is also the proud holder of their coveted “Outstanding” Gold Trust Mark.

We’re proud of our thorough selection process, the independence and transparency of our judges, as well as the time they dedicate to scrutinise each entry in-depth. All scoring takes place on our Awards Manager software, which gives us full traceability and quality control.

We’re currently looking for passionate and respected professionals to join our judging panels – could this be you? Click below to find out more.

Apply to Judge
Meet the Judges

Judging at the UK Complaint Handling Awards was positive and inspiring. It’s a privilege to hear how organisations have responded to the needs of their customers, raising the standard of complaint handling and resolution to new heights. Congratulations to everyone involved in this worthy event: I look forward to being involved again!
Rebecca Winn, Director, Winnthinking People Development

How to Enter

Entering the awards is incredibly easy: let’s go through the four steps you need to take.

Step 1   Choose the right category or categories

We’ve carefully selected 22 categories this year to reflect distinct areas of complaint handling excellence. Decide which ones best describe your organisation’s journey – and get ready to throw your hat in the ring! An organisation can enter a maximum of 4 different categories.

Step 2   Complete your entry form

After sharing a few key details about your organisation, it’s time to start sharing your story! This counts for half your overall score, so plan it thoroughly and address all the scoring criteria.

Once you’ve made your first impression, it’s up to the shortlisting panel to decide if you make it to the Awards Finals!

Finalists will be announced on December 20, 2021.

Step 3   Prepare Your Presentation

If you’re shortlisted, you’ll be asked to deliver a presentation at the Awards Finals. There’s 15 minutes to give your pitch, plus 15 minutes for questions from the judging panel; this live online element counts for 50% of your final score. Your presentation should take the judges on a journey through your initiative; winners will be the ones who leave a lasting impression and can demonstrate outstanding results!

You can also opt to have an Open Presentation, which allows other finalists and delegates to hear about the amazing work you’ve been doing.

Step 4   Enjoy the rest of the Awards!

On March 10, you can watch other companies give their presentations, listen to CX influencers sharing their insights in our Complaints Gurus talks, and forge connections with other professionals.

Then, on March 17, you’ll be able to enjoy a wonderful Awards Ceremony with your team, where we honour your achievements and the progress of the industry as a whole. Competing is just the tip of the iceberg!

Winners 2022

We believe our colleagues are brilliant at what they do: they make it their personal responsibility to make things as easy as possible for our customers. This nomination shows that all their hard work is paying off, and is being recognised.
Lee Robinson, Customer Service Director, Baxi Customer Support

Your Awards Experience

The Awards International Dream Team will move heaven and earth to make your involvement as enjoyable, educational and inspirational as possible!

Throughout the day on March 10, we’ll be holding the Awards Finals in a LIVE Online format. This is your chance to compete alongside the country’s top complaint handlers and share your story of success!

There’s so much on offer: Open Presentations, a mini conference, networking opportunities, plus the Awards Ceremony itself.

Winners 2022

I definitely advise companies to consider entering the awards, I think it's been a fantastic experience, we were very nervous but the whole thing has put us at ease and it has been a really good team building exercise.
Tracey Clough, Hitachi Capital

Sponsors and Partners

Sponsoring this event means aligning yourself with the highest standards of excellence in the management of complaints – and provides incredible exposure for your brand.

We have a range of packages to suit companies of all shapes and sizes – for more information contact Stevan on stevan@awardsinternational.com

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