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The first way to save is by taking advantage of our early bird offer. This deal saves you £70 on an individual seat compared to the regular price. You have until 23rd December to secure your discount!

However, the best way to save is by booking more seats - in addition to the early bird discount, you can make extra savings this way. When you book a table of 10 during the early bird period, you save 21% compared to the standard pricing.

Unique Event Format

The UK Complaint Handling Awards is a unique event because guests can watch dozens of presentation during the morning of the Awards in addition to attending the ceremony in the afternoon. We believe you will have the best Awards experience when you bring your team with you.

Regular price

Individual seat £429*

Table of 10 £3860

Table of 12: £4530

Premium Table of 10 £4700

Premium Table of 12 £5390

Premium Table

The premium package consists of: a table near the stage, your company logo displayed on the table (A5 size) and an upgrade to champagne or a selection of fine wines.

Please note that VAT will be added to all prices at the rate of 20%. Payment terms are immediate payment.

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