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This selection of categories reflects the variety of extraordinary complaint handling achievements we’ve seen over the last twelve months. Have a look and decide which ones are best for you!

An organisation can enter a maximum of 4 different categories.


Most Improved Complaint Handling

The pandemic has forced organisations to rethink their complaints operations, and some have made extraordinary improvements to their strategy. This award recognises that growth!

Best Complaint Handling

This award is for any organisation that has delivered an extraordinary complaints process, one that resolves issues for customers in a timely, satisfactory and empathetic way.

Best Use of Customer Insight & Feedback

Data is the new gold: companies that leverage this information are making huge breakthroughs in customer understanding, with results to match. This award recognises those that use customer feedback in the most innovative and advantageous ways.

Best Customer Service

This award is for companies who go the extra mile to make their customer feel appreciated, valued and listened to, and who can demonstrate impeccable levels of customer service.

Best Complaint Handling in a Crisis

The covid pandemic has forced companies to innovate and find new ways of serving their customers: this award recognises those who stayed calm in the crisis and thought of innovative solutions.

Best Collaboration

Sponsored by the Collaboration Network, this award is for organisations who’ve worked to build a collaborative model, either internally or externally, to meet a business challenge and to improve outcomes for customers, colleagues and/or the wider community.

Vulnerable Situations

For a complaints process to be truly successful, it must be inclusive: this award celebrates organisations who’ve worked hard to assist customers in vulnerable situations.

Diversity & Inclusion

Complaint handling should be representative of the entire population, which is why improvements to diversity and inclusion policies are so important. This award recognises those who have worked hard to ensure all employees and customers are truly valued, regardless of age, disability, gender assignment, pregnancy, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation.

Financial Services

This award honours banks/ insurers/ investment funds and accountancy firms that have done extraordinary work in the complaints space.

Best Complaint Handling Team of the Year

Complaint handling is a team sport: this award recognises the collaboration/ communication and enthusiasm that sets outstanding teams apart.


This award is for organisations in the energy/ water/ waste and communication sectors who have achieved complaint handling excellence.

Our Awards Consultants are more than happy to assist you with category selection: why not book a call with them and discuss the best options for your organisation?

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