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Best Complaint Handling - Financial Services

Best Use of Customer Insight & Feedback

For organisations that can successfully interpret the thoughts and feelings of their customers, and translate this knowledge into better performance.

Most Improved Complaint Handling

For an individual or company showing a marked improvement in implementing their complaint handling methods, and can show the impact this has had on both clients and the business.

Vulnerable Situations

For an individual or company who can demonstrate fair treatment of customers in vulnerable situations. You should demonstrate the processes and policies which have improved handling complaints from customers in vulnerable situations, and show the impact on both the customer and the business. Vulnerable situations includes, but is not limited to: hearing, sight, language barriers and physical disability; mental health issues, low financial understanding and issues relating to the elderly like dementia; major life changes, childbirth, those suffering bereavement, family breakdown, illness or financial difficulties.

Best COVID-19 Initiative

The pandemic has changed customer habits and requirements: this award is for an organisation that has shown great responsiveness to meet these changing needs.

Best Complaint Handling Team of the Year

For a group of complaint handling heroes who work consistently to raise standards and provide outstanding customer service.

Professional of the Year

For a manager or independent business consultant who can demonstrate exceptional professional standards in complaint handling.

Winners 2021