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The Origins of CHA

We caught up with Awards International CEO, Neil Skehel, to ask him a few quick questions about the UK Complaint Handling Awards. Here's what he had to say.

Q: What's the significance of complaint handling, in your opinion?

A: Complaints handling is essential to doing business well. It's well-known that it's six or seven times more expensive to recruit a new customer than to sell more to an existing customer. A complaint is an existing customer allowing the business to continue doing business. Many companies don't do this very well. It's perhaps shocking to learn that. So they're missing out on an opportunity to retain customers.

Q: Why do you think some companies don't get it?

A: I'm not entirely sure. I guess they think complaints are something to hide. Some companies even laughed at me for the idea of rewarding and recognising complaints. They say, 'there's even an award for complaints'. These critics clearly have a different understanding of business than I do. I believe a complaint handled well can strengthen our relationship with a customer. But if, like many of our customers, you know that complaints happen, you will understand why it's good to recognise a good reaction.

Q: So is this why you decided to launch the Awards?

A: Very much so. There are wonderful people, heroes, teams of people every day who handle complaints. It's often teams in call centres or head offices who deal with complaints. These people are often unsung heroes. Doubtless, many of them were called on to go the extra mile over the last 20 months. We must recognise and celebrate them, alongside their employers and managers. There is no better way to motivate and reward a team than to participate in our awards. So voila, that's where the idea comes from.

If you have a story to share of how you managed to solve a customer's problem and turn a frown upside down, the Complaint Handling Awards is the right place for you! Apply for the awards and celebrate your team's hard work!

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