How Entries are Scored

How Entries are Scored


Our aim is to provide a robust and transparent judging process that provides clarity and confidence to all involved. Entries are scored using predetermined criteria. These criteria are used to generate shortlisted Finalists.

Category judging panels then score both written entries and live presentations. Winners from each category are identified based on the highest score and the "overall UK Complaint Handling Award winner 2018" is given to the industry or discipline entry with the highest overall score.

After the awards finals, your scores and feedback from your from your Judging panel will be collated to produce you with an evaluation report. This will reveal how the judges scored your entry and how these scores compared to the other finalists in your category. It will also detail all of the comments provided by the judges based upon both your written entry and live presentations.


There are a standard set of 7 criteria across all of the categories. Each criterion has 100 marks available.

All 7 criteria will be used for both the short listing of finalists (by the Screening Panel) and for scoring written entries by the finalist judging panel. finalist presentations will be scored against criteria 2-7 only.

Please download the "scoring entries" PDF for further information on the scoring process and how entries are scored.

 UKCHA 18 scoring of entries download pdf