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Paula van Beurden

Head of Complaints Risk & Governance

I am an experienced Risk Manager who’s focus has been within Retail Bank and Wealth Management complaints for the last 10 years, in various roles. I currently lead a risk team focused on Complaint Handling and Customer Service, with the aim of ensuring that whilst we embrace innovation and change we are mindful of both regulatory requirements and customer outcomes. The aim of the team is to remove blockers to ensure that we make our customers better off every day. Using Complaint data is key to understanding what is impacting our customer journey’s, so how we use this to change, develop and improve is a real focus . Prior experience includes leading teams in operational areas, product development, change management and compliance both monitoring and policy advice. Throughout my career the focus has always been on understanding the impact to our customer’s, and I am extremely proud to be able to lead a team that is making a difference every day.